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Strategy Map for Industry

Strategy Map for Industry Downloads Clik to download the Strategy Map for Industry: /* Deixa a imagem como um "display:block" para que a centralização funcione. Os valores de margin e padding servem para a imagem ter a mesma distância até a legenda q

CNI International Agenda of Industry

The International Agenda of Industry focuses on 109 actions to be pursued by CNI and delivered to key policy makers.

Macroeconomic Enviroment

Macroeconomic Enviroment Why Macroeconomic Environment? Solid macroeconomic fundamentals reduce uncertainties about the future and increase investor confidence. Price stability is a fundamental condition for sustainable growth processes. It must be a

Labor Relations

Labor Relations Why Labor Relations? The rules governing the relations between workers and employers play a key role in ensuring a functional labor market. They must be clear and easy to understand, so that companies and workers can be certain about


Taxation Why Taxation? Paying taxes is a major element of the social contract. However, the level of taxes, their assessment basis, the method used for calculating them and the obligations attached to them must be negotiated with society. The costs i

Legal Certainty

Legal Certainty Why Legal Certainty? This is a topic of increasing concern for companies. The lack of clarity about rights and duties and increasing amendments to laws and regulatory frameworks are detrimental to competitiveness. The lack of confiden


About This new version of the Strategy Map for Industry identifies the biggest challenges to be addressed by industry by 2022 as a result of changes in the global and domestic economic environment over the past five years. The document is an agenda f

Natural Resources and The Enviroment

Natural Resources and The Enviroment Why Natural Resources and the Environment? The lower availability of natural resources and consequent increase in their costs have made it imperative to strive for efficiency as a priority. Added to this is an inc


Infrastructure Why Infrastructure? OCurrent production models are specialized in value chain stages located in different regions. For the Brazilian economy to enter these value chains, investing in energy supply, transportation logistics and telecomm


Education Why Education? Labor productivity is one of the main determinants of industry competitiveness. Highly educated teams and continued training can lead to more effective solutions to everyday problems, to better adapted products and production

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